Risk management and control system

In our view, the responsible handling of risks is an element of good corporate governance. Fresenius has a systematic risk management and control system that allows the Management Board to make early identifications of market trends and to react promptly to relevant changes in our risk profile. Our risk management and control system and efficiently designed processes help to enhance the Company's performance. Our risk management is reviewed as part of the annual audit of the financial statements and through audits by the Internal Audit division. The control system is regularly reviewed by the Management Board and the Internal Audit division. Further information can be found under Risk Management.

The Internal Audit division supports the Management Board as an independent function outside the Company's day-to-day operations. The division assesses internal processes from an objective viewpoint and with the necessary distance. Its mission is to create value for Fresenius - and thus help to achieve its organizational goals - through improved internal controls, optimized business processes, enhanced cost reduction and efficiency, and by preventing corruption. Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA has its own internal risk management and control system.