Investor relations

Our Investor Relations activities are in accordance with the transparency rules of the German Corporate Governance Code. We pursue comprehensive, timely, and open communication with private and institutional investors as well as financial analysts. The equal treatment of all market actors is very important to us.

In 2010, we intensified our dialogue with the capital market in order to enable investors and analysts to make a fair assessment of Fresenius Group’s business situation and market conditions. In addition to the annual analysts’ meeting and the quarterly conference calls/webcasts, Fresenius also made presentations in important financial markets in Europe and the United States. Regular contacts were further extended at 15 international investor conferences, 18 roadshows, and numerous one-on-one meetings with institutional investors and analysts. In collaboration with banks, we also conducted socalled field trips, which offer the possibility for investors and analysts to discuss matters with the Management Board.

We also continued the dialogue with our private investors. The internet is an important tool for us in this regard. Our private shareholders can follow live webcasts of the quarterly conference calls and annual analysts’ meetings on our website at Presentations can be downloaded shortly before and, of course, after the events in the “Investor Relations” section under “Presentations”. We also publish all presentations given at international investor conferences. We intend to make further improvements in the ways we communicate with private shareholders and would welcome any suggestions you may care to make. In 2011, we also plan to increase the information content of our website.

In 2010, we received important commendations for the standard of our financial communication. In the competition for the best annual report conducted by the German business magazine manager magazin, which analyzed about 200 annual reports published by German and European companies, we came 11th in the DAX category. In addition, we received the Silver Award for our annual report in the category “Health Care – Equipment & Supplies” from the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). More than 4,000 companies from over 25 countries took part in this contest.

Fresenius SE’s online annual report also won first place with the Platinum Award in the EMEA & Asia-Pacific category at the LACP 2010 spotlight awards. In 2010, the jury consisting of communications experts from different sectors and functions reviewed a total of more than 1,100 online annual reports. We ranked 50th in the category Top 100 Communication Materials out of all the online annual reports reviewed.

If you would like to contact us or find out about key dates in our financial calendar 2011, please take a look at the last page of this report or visit us at our website under “Investor Relations”.

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